PPD Software – Professional Parcours Design

General Information

The software is available with us.

A computer can neither compose a successful music hit by itself, nor can a computer design a course plan by pressing one of its buttons. In our sport ideas, feelings and experiences of course designers produce successful courses.

With our course planning software „PPD“ the laptop helps in no time to design a course. A few mouse clicks and you have a new arena in matching scale. Different types of jumps, the track, distances between obstacles, dimensions and material – all appears in seconds on the screen and can be edited. „PPD“ even measures the length of a course.

Everything can be printed in a handy A4-format, and thus working sketches for the crew, course plans for judges, press and TV are available with one click. Archived in the computer, they help with future planning.

PPD – Professional Parcours Design is unique worldwide and is used by most international course designers.

Detailed Information

  • The use of the function Measuring the Length of the Course has been simplified significantly. Through the menu item PPD in the menu bar course length the length of the course can be measured, in segments of 5 m. The length can be taken into the header line directly.

  • User-friendly program start, in which the scale is queried automatically.

  • Combination types are available in all variants in the shape-window. Distances are determined with simple clicks, both for combinations and related obstacles.

  • All data windows have been revised; direct access to the data windows is possible.

  • Shapes on the drawing sheet are placed at a true-to-scale distance from each other.

  • Existing shapes were redesigned, supplemented and extended.

  • Default data in the header has been extended significantly, such as Type of Class and Name of the corresponding tour. In addition, an automatically appearing calendar is linked to the date field.

  • Obstacle numbers are directly linked to the obstacle types. When moving or turning the obstacle, they are automatically aligned with the obstacle front.

  • Automatic installation via a setup, this is coordinated with the existing Microsoft Visio program.

  • Automatically activated file path links in the setup program.