Safety Cup / Breakaway Cup

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Any equipment must be reliable, easy to use and safe.
All of our components have been tested.

robust construction

weather-resistant, colour-fast

Safety Cup

SAFE & LIGHT Olympic

18000427 Safety Cup 18mm 1 pc.
Cup + adapter


ika RWTH Institut für Kraftfahrwesen Aachen

„This is to certify that the safety cup provided by Olaf Petersen – Equestrian Jumps & Course Design have been tested at the Institut für Kraftfahrwesen Aachen. The safety cup with the label „Olaf Petersen“ have fulfilled all requirements and therefore they have been approved. This certificate is only valid for this type of safety cup; any changes will require a new testing procedure.“

The safety system has been certifi ed by the FEI (Fédération Equestre Internationale, Avenue de Rumine 37, 1005 Lausanne (Switzerland). The FEI‘s rules for show jumping events are to be observed.