Waterjump or Liverpool

World Record Long JumpJumping over water jumps has a long tradition in our sport. In the last century even long jump competitions were organized. The world record is held by South African rider Andre Ferreira jumping 8.40 m (photo).

In top sport today horses jump only half as far and meanwhile there is a variety of water jumps on the market made of different materials and in different sizes. The FEI Jumping Rules differ between open water jump and liverpool. A liverpool is a narrow water jump with an obstacle placed over it.



Water Jump

  • Minimum spread in excess 2.00 m
  • Must be dug into the ground
  • Take-off element height 40-50 cm
  • Landing side defined by plasticine


  • Maximum spread 2.00 m
  • Can be placed on ground or dug into ground
  • Take-off element not needed
  • Landing side plasticine not needed




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